Gift Guide: Make the VW Lover in Your Life Say Ich Liebe Dich

1: Maisto R/C Samba


Prices for all microbuses have been on the rise of late, but none costs more than the ever popular Samba. But not being born into the amount of money that turns the word summer into a verb doesn’t mean you can’t drive a Samba of your own. You just have to lower your expectations a bit. Buy for a kid, buy it for yourself, nobody can deny the pure delight of a radio-controlled car.

2: LEGO Beetle


This is actually, genuinely a great gift. Everyone kind of wants one of these, but most of us have the economic sense not to drop $100 on something so frivolous. If you were to receive it as a gift, though, that would solve everything.

3: The Complete Book of Classic Volkswagens


I’ve read stuff. You’ve read stuff. We’re both smart. We all got that Much Ado About Nothing was actually all about doin’ it. But my favorite books are about cars. Spend hours with this coffee table book, gazing, longing, lusting at and after classic VWs and actually enjoy a book.

4: VW Tire Valve Caps with Keychain


The perfect stocking stuffer for the person who’s into details. These air valve caps are the perfect way of showing the world that you’ve considered literally every conceivable detail.

5: This ’64 Beetle


It doesn’t matter if you really passionately love or really, really passionately hate someone, this or any number of cheap Beetles on eBay is the perfect way to show someone exactly how you feel. It doesn’t cost much, it’s super cool, and who doesn’t want classic design acting as a lawn ornament while it slowly and very painfully becomes car.

6: Hot Wheels 5-Pack


Another great stocking stuffer for the VW-lover in your life. This five-pack of Hot Wheels features everything you need for an amazing race.

7: Samba Mugs


Who wants to drink out of a boring mug with an even duller message on it? “Need More Sleep?” We all need more sleep. You’re not clever. Instead, enjoy a hot cup of joe in a nice, brightly colored mug that only brings joy, and no groans of annoyance as a dumb joke becomes a little less funny with each passing day.

8: Silicone Key Case


Volkswagen’s keys have gone largely unchanged for nearly two decades now, and while that’s a sign of a strong, classic design, the black can be boring. So why not get something a little brighter with these key cases?

9: Squareback Poster


Shot in the style of VW’s iconic early ads, this poster is the perfect addition to any garage.

10: Service Manuals


Do you have an old VW that you’re fixing up? Take it from us: get a service manual. You may be getting by just reading this forum—and for God’s sake don’t stop—but you also need a service manual.