Unique Gifts For VW Lovers

Few car brands have as many loyal, passionate and proud owners as Volkswagen. Over the decades, the German automaker has had a long and storied history of creating some of the most iconic vehicles on the road. Today, thousands of owners still enjoy those vehicles, both new and old, on the daily.Have you got a Volkswagen enthusiast in your life that’s due for a gift? Whether for an upcoming anniversary, holiday, birthday or “just because”, our list of gifts for the VW lover is full of original ideas that’ll quickly plant a grin on the kisser of your favorite GTI, Beetle, Westfalia, Corado or Tiguan driver.Here’s a closer look.

Volkswagen LEGO Set

Available to celebrate numerous models, Volkswagen LEGO sets allow the VW fan in your life to build their very own Camper Van, Minibus or Beetle, and without all the time-consuming welding, dirty axle grease, and assembly line noise. A Volkswagen LEGO set will make the VW fan on your list feel like a great big kid again, seriously, who doesn’t love a little LEGO?

Volkswagen Smartphone Case

Is there a better way for your giftee to show off their love of all things Volkswagen than a VW Smartphone case? Options are available to highlight the VW brand, or specific models. With fitment available for virtually all modern handsets, and no shortage of colors and designs, a VW Smartphone case will remind the VW lover in your life how much they love their Vee-dub, whenever they chat or text.

Volkswagen Coil Packs

This humorous gift idea will give the VW enthusiast in your life a real chuckle. Many VW’s have a well-known reputation for blowing ignition coil packs, so why not buy a set, and arrange them in a frilly little gift basket? Getting your VW fanatic ignition coil plugs shows that you’re clever and well-informed. Plus, they’re relatively cheap and something they will likely need, before long.

The Love Bug

Few cars have had lead roles in the movies, but it turns out that the world’s most recognizable car has also spent some productive time in Hollywood, too. The Love Bug, and various classic and modern sequels, can be found on the cheap, bolstering your VW enthusiast’s movie collection with hours of viewing pleasure, and starring the most iconic car of all time.

Volkswagen Monopoly

Big time nostalgia and collectability result when Volkswagen takes over one of the world’s most popular board games! This classic version of Volkswagen Monopoly comes complete with houses with carports, and collectible player tokens like a peace sign and surfboards. Chance and Community Chest are replaced by Road Map and Full Tank cards too, so your VW fan can bring their favorite brand to game night.

Volkswagen Socks

That’s right: Volkswagen socks. They’re warm. They’re fuzzy. They’re fun to show off. And, they’ll remind the VW enthusiast in your life that you’re a total champ at picking out fun and original gifts, every time they get dressed.

Cat-Back Exhaust System

Does your VW enthusiast have a pulse? If so, they’d probably love a cat-back exhaust system to dial up the power and sound of their Golf, GTI or Passat. Easily installed and long lasting, a quality cat-back exhaust is emissions-legal and will remind the VW driver in your life of your gift-choosing prowess every time they put their foot down, only to be greeted by a gloriously powerful and free-breathing sound.

VW Garage Sign

Your VW enthusiast can put the brand’s easily-recognized logo on full display in their garage, man-cave or bedroom, with a VW wall sign. This gift is ideal to dress up the décor, reinforce brand loyalty, and to create a unique conversation piece.

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