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Hi all.

Finally finishing up the ABA swap into my ‘76 Mk1 this weekend, and I’m still not firing after everything being checked. It’s a 1995 vw golf engine, with a 4 speed 020 transmission I had rebuilt. New clutch, same flywheel just resurfaced.

Ilined my camshaft sprocket up to the OT arrow, and checked inside the bell housing, plus distributor body. The marks are all lined up, timed correctly.

I had my harness done by a reputable shop here in the forums, within-harness relays. Plug and play. The fact my fuel pump is getting power tells me the relay is good, and the ECU is good. The relay clicks key on, and pump primes for one second.

I used a timing light to check for spark, and sure enough I’ve got spark on all four plugs plus from the coil itself.

I have a brand new battery, starter, and alternator. Everything is properly grounded, and tested with a multimeter.

Hall sensor clearly works because I’m getting spark and ECU is sending fuel on crank.

my engine side harness didn’t have a plug for the EGR valve sensor on it, which I found odd and left unplugged, butthat shouldn’t affect this anyway.

I really don’t know what else to look for. Is it possible I’m not getting sufficient fuel pressure? I stuck the hose in a bottle and tried cranking, got fuel, but I didn’t check the PSI itself. Also, when I reinstalled my flywheel over the new clutch, I didn’t have the engine at TDC or anything, I just used the very specifically placed guide pins on the Mk1 flywheel to make sure it was in the right location.

Should I use Noid test lights on my injectors? I used a regular test light on the cylinder 4 injector plug and it glowed, which tells me the circuit is getting power regardless. I don’t see what else I’d need to know, injectors apparently have power. Could it be the FPR? The hall sensor after all? Not enough fuel pressure? Clogged injectors?

Also, I’m based out of Milledgeville GA. If there’s anyone here that would be willing to drive out and take a look, fully reimbursed, that would be amazing. I’ve been trying to get this car back on the road for over 9 months.

Cheers, Ethan
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