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At the beginning of November, ABT Sportsline, the worldwide leading tuner for cars from Audi and VW, and Vossen Wheels, one
of the trendsetting wheel brands in the industry, presented its first joint venture during SEMA Show at the Mandarin Oriental
in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The two major aftermarket companies have teamed up to create a very special and strictly limited Audi Q7 for the North American
and European market. The European version of the Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 is now on display at the Essen Motor Show in Germany.


The Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 is not an ordinary luxury SUV. ABT has taken the elegant body of the Q7 (for North America) and
SQ7 (for Europe) and outfitted it with visually striking aerodynamic parts. The wide body package includes a front skirt, fender
flares, a rear skirt set with rear muffler and end pipes, a rear wing and door strip attachments. Additional carbon fiber parts on the
front grille, front lip, the rear skirt insert and the doors have been added for an even more luxurious, yet sporty look.

All this is topped off with a very special Vossen Forged wheel set. Featuring a split five-spoke design the 22 x 10” wheel, polished
with a brushed face in “Stealth Grey”, was exclusively designed for the Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10. The unique rim from the Miami-based
wheel manufacturer is perfectly in line with the German SUV’s bold appearance, also thanks to the ABT Level Control that lowers the car
by up to 0.8 inches (20 mm).

The interior of the Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 also shows its owner that it is a very special car indeed. The dashboard and door sills
feature the “1/10“ badge and the seats have been highlighted with alcantara inlays and ABT logos. Selected carbon fiber upgrades
for the dashboard and seat panels as well as a carbon fiber gearshift knob provide just the right amount of interior personalization.

ABT and Vossen both have a high emphasis on design that is innovative and aesthetically pleasant. The Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 is a
collaboration effort where each distinctive styling is complementing the other.

Prices and further information on the Audi Q7 ABT Vossen 1 of 10 are available on the official website www.abt-america.com

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