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After a long and grueling year, it's finally that time again. But, in classic More Than Morehttp://www.morethanmore.com fashion, the former SDOBBINS Photography Calendar has now been reinvented and dubbed the 2013 More Than A Calendarhttp://www.morethanmore.com/collections/photographic-goods!

For those that haven't caught wind, SDOBBINS Photography combined forces with Anna Taylor Photography and Design, creating a new company called More Than Morehttp://www.morethanmore.com, specializing in automotive photography and artistic photography goods.

The new 2013 More Than A Calendar is now available for presale by clicking here or by clicking the image below.

Click here to order the 2013 More Than A Calendar!

Click here to order the 2013 More Than A Calendar!

Now I'm sure that those of you still reading are wondering why it's called More Than A Calendar. Here's a few answers:
•Previous years' calendars have measured 12x18" when opened, the 2013 version is 13x18". That's right, an entire inch of extra real estate meaning more photos and bigger main spreads.
•Our company is called More Than More and people have always punned the name, so we've embraced and rolled with it.
•Most importantly, the 2013 Calendar has teamed up with some of the United States' favorite shows, providing an interactive aspect for our loyal customers. Read more below. :)

In the back page of the calendar, you'll find a sticker sheet with the name of 6 different events (NE Dustoff, Staggered, Gengstout's Show, Cult Classic, First Class Fitment, and Brokedown).

By signing up for our newsletter (click here) or following the official MTM Facebook Page you'll receive notification when one of the associated events has announced their date and venue.

Then you can peel up the appropriate sticker for the event and place it on the confirmed date in your calendar, reminding you which of your and our favorite events are coming up each month!

In addition, on the back page of the calendar you'll also find a link to each of the events' websites providing all the other information you'll need.

And as an added bonus, if you come to our booth at one of the associated events with your MTM Bronze Key Ring you'll receive a special gift from us at MTM!

In addition to offering a special presale rate on the calendar, we've also added an exclusive limited edition shirt into the presale mix!

Click here to order the 2013 More Than A Calendar and Shirt!

The I LOVE MONEY shirt is being exclusively printed for the calendar, and only for those that preorder the shirt/calendar combo pack by clicking here! This shirt holds the key to everything we do as a company—always putting our friends and the community first!

Click here to order the 2013 More Than A Calendar and Shirt!

With our company mascot and boss, and part-time professional skydiver, Frankie Taylor, rounding up the backside of the shirt, the design is a must have—a perfect gift for a fellow enthusiast, and an even better gift to yourself to remember this past year's festivities and look forward to the next!

Click here to order the 2013 More Than A Calendar!

Click here to order the 2013 More Than A Calendar and Shirt!

For those that have read this far, thanks again for your support and interest, we can never put into words how much we appreciate it. If it weren't for this community Anna and I wouldn't have established this company, and there wouldn't be a specialized VW/Audi calendar available to hang on the wall of your home, office, shop, etc.

Please keep More Than More in mind as your one-stop-shop for any and all Christmas and holiday gifts this season! It's only with your support that we can continue to do what we do and provide such great items for you and your loved ones!

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