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The third time's a charm, right?! Well, at least we'd like to think so, as we're super stoked to announce the presale of our third book, More: Watercooled VWs • Vol. 3!

You may remember our first book, More: Watercooled VWs • Vol. 1, that was released at H2O Int'l in 2011. Then, just a short year ago, at Southern Worthersee, we released our second book, More: Watercooled VWs • Vol. 2. And now that SOWO 2013 is just around the corner, we're overdue for our third installment, so here it is, Volume 3!

Following suit with the first two volumes, More: Watercooled VWs • Vol. 3 is a limited run of 1000 pieces, all hand-numbered, hand-signed, and hand-wrapped, finished with a wax seal of the More Than More makers mark.

The More: Watercooled VWs books are all 7x7", 72-pages, and perfect bound, creating a product that will outlast some of the finest coffee tables!

All photos found inside are photographed exclusively by Anna Taylor and Sam Dobbins over the past 13+ years in the USA, Canada, England, and Norway. Some have been photographed for Performance VW Magazine, some for this series specifically, and some sheerly by being in the right place at the right time! :pic:

•••Click here to preorder More: Watercooled VWs • Vol. 3!•••

As of today, it's been exactly 364 days since I moved out to the east coast to pursue More Than More as a full-time endeavor—traveling about from show to show, working our bloody arses off, meeting loads of new people and having the opportunity to photograph even more cars than we ever imagined. Anna and I truly cannot thank the community that's supported our venture enough, and we love to hear that people enjoy what we're doing. We're really excited to keep it up, and continue to evolve into the photography-based brand that we've started to create! :beer:

All presale orders are available for in-person pickup at our booth at Southern Worthersee, in Helen, Georgia, May 17-19th, 2013. If you do not pick up your order at SOWO, an additional $5 will need to be paid to cover shipping and handling expenses before the order is dispatched the following week. Those orders that are to be shipped will dispatch on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013.

The A59 Image Collection photo shirt is available at only $25 during presale, exclusively with purchase of Volume 3, until Monday, April 22nd, 2013. The price will be $35 thereafter, and the item will also ship on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013.

•••Click here to preorder More: Watercooled VWs • Vol. 3!•••
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