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Hello everyone,

I read a lot of topics here to get answer for my Audi.
In this particular case I would need the help of the community to inlighten the problem I have !
As I did not find particular fitting answer to my problem :)

As I am from Belgium (Europe), I read a lot on US forum as here automatic transmission are a rare thing !

I have a Audi A3 1.9TDI 110 with the infamous auto trans 01M .

Lately (for about 6000 miles / 10 000Km) I'm getting a grinding/high pitched noise as you would scracth two pieces of metal together.
Mainly when the trans is shifting from 3rd to 4th. And particularly under load (hill climb) or undr heavy acceleration.
When so, the transmission slips and do not want to pass the gear 3 to 4. Usually goes super high rev and I have to totaly unload the trottle and re push it slowly to have a shift.
If I accelerate smoothly the shifting goes smoothly, most of the time...
I also get a "CLUNG" noise, when I start the vehicule and the trans engage the 1st.
And a slight delay going from P to D or R with a moderate push.

I have a 'cheap' VAGcom knockof but it does not show any code on the trans.
I already performed 2 oil change, one with the oil filter. Nothing abnormal in the pan, the magnet was greasy but no big pieces.

If you could give some tips and tricks, it would be appreciated!

I wish you a great year in this madness ,

Thank you,
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