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02 sensor in a rabbit> question

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I was at Canadian Tire here in Canada and was asking about an 02 sensor. It was $53. prety expensive. How do I know I need to change it? Are there any systoms the rabbit makes when it needs a new one? Or is it a common thing to just do it? Also, what does it do? Does it make it a difference?
Thanks in advance. Frank
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Re: 02 sensor in a rabbit> question (aestheticculture)

Of course it makes a difference .As far as symptons go:
when I changed mine about 14 months ago, I got better gas mileage(3-4 more miles per gallon), also my idle became a lot more stable, but don't except a rock steady idle.
Here is how your oxygen sensor works:after your car warms up (10-20 minutes), your temeperature switch will turn your computer on that will start reading the oxygen sensor.And according to the oxygen content in your exhaust gases, it will adjust your fuel mixture many times in a second.That's the frequency valve, that humming thing you can hear next to the fuel distributor.
Any other questions?For more details feel free to ask
I suggest you buy the oxygen sensor, I paid 20USD for mine here in Vegas.
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