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02 sensors

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I have 95 jetta 2.0 and The o2 sensor is bad. I got one sent to me but its for a late model and is rounded insted of the square one. SO Is it ok for me to just splice the old ones connector on to the new one. Vw wants 180 and a local shop (Baum's best mech for Vw's in all PA and thats no lie) wants 50 but he is booked for 2 weeks. SO is it ok to do the splice any recomends.
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Re: 02 sensors (jayseal22)

sounds liek you got the 2nd O2 sensor (the rear one on the late models...but you already knew that
FWIW, i got my O2 sensor for 83.00 from vwparts.com (i got the same one you have now)
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Re: 02 sensors (JetTAFLiTe)

Yeah I did not think there was a diff
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