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'02 VR6 GTI without leather/lux?

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The VW site makes it look like the loaded GLX-only VR6s are a thing of the past since now you can build them up from cloth & no options all the way to loaded with leather, technology and luxury packages.
So has anybody actually seen one of these?
I've checked a ton of dealers in the Southwest and supposedly there is no such thing all the way back to the factory.

Loaded with leather & lux, the VR6 is like $2k more than the 1.8T I was planning on, so I'm thinking of just sticking with the 1.8T if I can't find the VR6 the way I want it.
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Re: '02 VR6 GTI without leather/lux? (spongebob_squarepants)

If you can't find it now, you'll probably never find a 12V w/o leather/luxury. The 12V is now out of production. Don't bet on being able to find a 24V without all the options for quite some time after introduction.
Re: '02 VR6 GTI without leather/lux? (dmkozak)

There's nothing out there except a couple with leather & lux, in black or indigo.
Neither is a color I want in AZ summers anyway.
The 1.8T costs less, and I think that's where I'll end up.
Hey, which valley dealer do you work with?
Re: '02 VR6 GTI without leather/lux? (spongebob_squarepants)

I had an impossible time even finding a silver 1.8T without leather/lux. Finally gave in to the lux, but it still took some work to find my car without leather.
Re: '02 VR6 GTI without leather/lux? (GonnaGetAGTI)

GonnaGetAGTI, I know what you mean. My dealer just ordered around 8 GTIs and all of them have lux and 17's, half with leather.
There are like 5 VR6s in town and they're all leather/lux equipped. I decided to save some cash and go with the 1.8T, really fun to drive and lots of potential with a few mods.
I found a Rave Green with Beige leather & 17's, NO LUX!!!

It's at port and will be another couple weeks, but I got it. GTIs without sunroof are pretty rare it seems.
BTW, I called VWOA and they said that leather/lux are going to be one big package in the future, so you won't be able to get lux w/o leather OR leather w/o lux.
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