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02A hard or impossible to shift when hot

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Hello Everyone,
Well I'm a newbie to the VR6 and I've got a problem getting the car in gear when it's hot. It's been about 100-105 degrees lately and my car will often decide that it doesn't want to go into gear. Like when I down shift or try to put the car in 1st from a complete stop, I can't get the shifter to go into gear. It does this even with rev matching downshifts. Or if I've been idling a while and want to put it into reverse it requires me popping the clutch in an out several times before I can get it in gear. To this point it's only been happening to me when it's really hot outside or I've been on a long drive. Any suggestions or ideas? It almost feels like it could be the shift mechanism or something. Thanks.
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Re: 02A hard or impossible to shift when hot (Fast2.0L)

you probably just need to get the shifter aligned properly...it sounds like it is off just enough that when things heat up and parts expand that tad bit it affects your shifting.
Re: 02A hard or impossible to shift when hot (iwanaleya)

Is that why my linkage gets all squeaky and such on my 2.0 when I've been driving for awhile in the summer?
Same fix? Just an adjustment?
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Re: 02A hard or impossible to shift when hot (pentoro)

Thanks for the reply I'm going to check my shifter alignment tonight and lube the mechanism.
On a 2.0 that's probably not the same problem, the VR6 is a cable shifter. On the O20 I'd check all the linkage and lube it up with some thick silicone or molybendum disulfide grease. Makes a world of a difference.
Re: 02A hard or impossible to shift when hot (Fast2.0L)

he is right about the 2.0 linkage and adding a little lube is a good idea http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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