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03 CVT rpm problem - HELP!

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I have a 02 and 03 A4 1.8T CVT. The 03 (but not the 02) has problems @ 1700-1900 rpm in that it feels like it is slipping in & out of gear (actually pushes you back and forth in the seat at times when it is really bad). The rpm needle fluctuates while this is going on despite holding the gas constant. None of the dlrs 'can get it to code' therefore they do not know what is wrong. (One foreman actually told me ALL the CVTs do this, when I explained that my 02 CVT did not do this, he changed his story.) Has anyone heard about this in the 03s?
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Re: 03 CVT rpm problem - HELP! (moochie123)

Maybe it is a turbo 'surging' issue.
or maybe the programming has changed, see if the dealer could retrofit the '02 programming if there is any available.
The 1.8t CVT I test drove was anti-smooth (just try to back the car up and turn into a space) The gearing was too tall, so the wet multiplate clutch had to slip very much at low speeds, but the 1.8t engine has no power unless the turbo is spun up, and so the throttle by wire cracks open the throttle real fast to get some boost, and comensurately torque, then the wet clutch starts to engage. I decided to wait on the 1.8t & multitronic combo until the gearing is shortened-as it is in the A4 cabrio, or until I can afford a used (or maybe new) A4 3.0
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