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My wife has an 03 VR6 Jetta (55k) with a 5 spd tiptronic. It has had poor shifting symptoms for a couple of months and I haven't gotten around to changing the solenoids. I get no codes when I scan it but it definitely has a hard shift from 1st to 2nd when it's cold. I was recently told there is a service bulletin from volkswagen regarding this tranny where they'll reflash the tcm. Is there a possibility the shifting issues could be fixed without replacing the solenoids? Has anyone done this?
The second problem popped up this week. The car has a vibration around 1100 rpm. It goes away at higher and lower rpm's. Again, no check engine light and no codes when scanned. Have checked all the coil packs and verified no miss on engine. Checked all the external items on engine for vibration and nothing. The vibration is definitely a reciprocating one and at this point I'm guessing it's the torque converter. Any ideas?
Is it possible one of the solenoids that controls torque converter function could cause the reciprocating problem?
Desperately trying to avoid pulling this tranny.
Thanx in advance

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