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I don't want to do this but I might have to.

My wifes Tiguan is to small for the family so we may be moving up to an Atlas. So I am looking for some money for a down payment.

2004 V10 TDI Silver on gray,160k miles, air ride, front and rear heated seats and steering wheel, factory nav.

Its had a ton of work done to it in the last few years. New turbos, suspension bags, alternator, tires, and most recently a starter. I have a ton of reciepts.

I have only had it a few months but a couple weeks ago I loaded the family [all 5 of us] in it and did a 500 mile round trip through the mountains. The truck ran awesome.

Whats wrong with it?

Before I got the truck it was diagnosed as having a bad alternator. So when I picked the truck up I just jump started it, drove it home and charged both batteries and it has been fine. So I think everything is fine in that regard and that the diagnoses was wrong. The truck wouldn't have been able to handle a 3 day 500 mile trip on the batteries:p

Once in awhile the dash will light up telling me to shift to P. It doesn't effect the car in anyway and my research says it might have something to do with one of the door handles but I have not had time to look into it.

I also get a light on the dash rarely for a driving gear work shop. That might indicate a bad sensor at one of the air bags? But again the suspension works great all the way from the load setting to extra offroad.

Asking 6500

I am not on here much at all. For more info and pics email me at [email protected]
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