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05 GTI wheels fit on a 2006 New Beetle??

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My mother's 06 TDI Beetle came with 17" 5 spoke wheels, and all-season tires. I was thinking if she downsized to 16" wheels and threw some winter tires on, she would be much better off this winter.
I was hoping to mount the wheels seen below. They are off a 2005 GTI. In my understanding, New Beetles are 5 x 100 and have a 35et Offset. These wheels are 5 x 100 too, but I think they are 42et offset. Is that too high of an offset for the New Beetles??? I was just hoping to find a solid answer if it will work. Thanks!
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Re: 05 GTI wheels fit on a 2006 New Beetle?? (vw4ross)

They'll work, since most of the OEM 16" wheels had a ET 42 as well.
Re: 05 GTI wheels fit on a 2006 New Beetle?? (13minutes)

Bolt them on and go. There are no fittment issues to worry about http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: 05 GTI wheels fit on a 2006 New Beetle?? (Mikes72sb)

i even stepped it down to the 15" AVUS wheels for my snow tires. the 15's wont work if you have 2oth/ R32/ 225TT brakes though
as long as the car your taking them off of is a MKIV youll be fine, if it is a MK5 then the bolt patter in 5x112
thanks guys, I figured they would work. I just wanted to be sure.
Yeah, I have MKV GTI with winter wheels and tires. If they weren't 5 x 112, I'd just take it off that car and mount them on the New Beetle.
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