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*CANCELED* 07/23/05 DJD Kmart GTG

CANCELED Wow im not sure if we are ever going to be able to top off the Waterfest GTGs this passed weekend. But for now we will do our best. This Saturday, the 23rd, we will be at Kmart in Burlington NJ. The GTG will begin around 6pm and as usual go on as long as you choose. We met quite a few Dubbers in the area that were enthusiastic about meeting up w/ us again. So here ya go. Come on down this Saturday and join us for another fun evening!! CANCELED
My mistake. I completeley forgot about "Coolwater VW Club's Night At The Drive-In." Thank you Tim for reminding me. I am officially canceling the DJD Kmart GTG this Saturday. We will be having a cruise and meeting up w/ our brother club, Coolwater, for a fun night at the drive in filled w/ sweet Dubs! Cruise will be posted shortley!

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