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I could've been a contender.
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Passat- All Other Models Photo Album.
Post pictures of your Not-So-Passive Passats.
1. Only post pictures of the 1st 4 generations of Passats
2. If not your Passat, please state otherwise.
3. You may give a profile of your Passat under your photo.
Anyways, enjoy. This should end up being a very nice album of a wide range of Passats. I KNOW we have some sexy ones out there but feel free to post your clean/dirty/modded/stock Passat. We love them ALL
Have fun

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I could've been a contender.
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Re: 08/28/2007- Passat- All Other Models Photo Album (jebglx)

i'll start with the only picture i have of my 93 Passat GLX Sedan 5sp

and then the 95 Passat GLX Wagon 5sp that replaced it:


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My Baby as it looks now...

The Specs
-1993 Volkswagen Passat GLX-

  • Engine : 2.8L VR6 (Currentely Stock Internals)
  • Drivetrain : 5 Speed (Swapped)
  • Intake : K&N Air Filter
  • Interior : Momo Steering Wheel
  • Exterior : Stubby BFI Antenna
  • Suspension : Factory lift kit
  • Status : Not running (Bent Valve)

I have just begun the journey of modifying this car, my plans are to keep it OEM+ and the last year has been simply returning the car to near OEM status (i.e. running & clean).
Thanks for looking, I will try to keep these pictures linked, and maybe in a few weeks have some before and after pics.

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Re: ('93 Passat GLX)

old wheels (winters)

New wheels (summers)

Shaved trunklid
Smoked Taillights
Smoked corner lights
Smoked Turn signals
Euro plate
Hella E-codes
BFI Stubby antanna
Euro Plate
MK3 K2 seats
Momo shift knob
K&N Filter
Swiss cheesed air box
2.5" Magnaflow Catback
13 lbs Flywheel
Sachs clutch
BFI Stage .05 motor mounts
G60 Solid tranny mount
42DD VR6 Test Pipe (for sale)
--Wheels and Suspension
Stock BBS "Bottle caps" (winter)
215/50/15 Kumho esta 711
Weitec GT coilovers
17x7.5 Audi RS4 Replica's (summer)
205/40/17 Kumho AST's and esta's 711
Eclipse Head unit
12" 1200w Memphis Mojo
1500w M.A. audio amp
1 Fader cap
3 1/3" Alpine type S coxials
6 1/2" Alpine type S coxials

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HI all
here's my 35i 2.0 5sp with DANM FK LEAKED HEADLIGHTS.<center>


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