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2015 jetta tdi se, 87 cabriolet alh swap stalled in progress, 2008 gli jetta
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so i bought this 2008 gli off a buddy who was told buy the guy he bought it off of it needed a timing belt long story short i bought it had to replace the head because all but 2 of the valves were bent the block was fine otherwise, the engine runs smooth now but im having some electrical issues the codes are as follows

p2294 fuel pressure regulator ''b'' control circuit open- no signal
p3087 supply relay for engine components electrical error in circuit no signal
p0100 maf ''a'' circuit no signal
p0458 evap purge valve ''a'' circuit low- lower limit not reached
p0034 turbocharger bypass valve circuit lower limit not reached
p0245 turbo waste gate solonoid ''a'' lower limit not reached
p2401 evap leak detection pump control lower limit not reached
p3193 intake runner manifold control open stop outside valid range lower limit not reached
the last code says sensor reference voltage ''a'' circuit low

Before replacing the head the gaskets timing belt and chains ect. there wasnt as many codes i dont remember what thoes codes were this is what im currently getting have a buddy thats a german car guru he's been helping out immensly on this we have so far replaced the regulator in the high pressure fuel pump with the one from the lkq head no luck the orgional pump looks new and looks replaced recently we also have replaced the fuse box due to some corrosion around where the wires bolt on in front also snagging thoes fuses and relays none of that worked also my mp808k scan tool shows 100-110 psi at the fuel rail when it wants 700+ psi definitely dont want to guess on a 250+ pump lol and the car is about a 7 out of 10 the interior and exterior are solid the trans is also solid just falls on its face kind of under full throttle also the gf sat in the car the other day and decided she wants it to drive so now i really need to fix it up im willing to donate some beer money if anyone can help me figure this thing out please and thanks
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