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Hello all,
2008 Passat Wagon VR6 210,000
Love this car but I'm feeling out if there is much interest. I currently daily drive the Passat but with a change in work, my commute is very far. Though the ride and smoothness are amazing the fuel mileage is not the best for my wallet. I have owned the Passat since 2016, I purchased it from a member on vortex who also took great care of it. I own 4 other VWs and will be turning the mk7 Gti into the new daily if I sell it. All maintenance/repairs were done by me or VW guru. I just did the trans service and oil change I have a huge folder of receipts from the old owner and me. I have had a lot of common issues fixed like parking brake motors. I replaced both rear calipers and motors with OEM(not Cheap) all rotors and pads recently. Steering wheel lock repaired by the dealer. valve cover diafram replaced by me. All new motor mounts and dog bone. new not rebuilt alternator and SERP belt. New SERP belt tensioner. That's the most recent work that I can remember.

Oil change every 5k with LiquMolly
Haldex and rear diff were done in the past few years
driver door latch
driver side axel
Bilstein touring struts, front end links. control arm bushings
I had the stock wheels refinished so they look brand new again.
Lots more has been cared for with t his Passat but i can't remember it all haha.
i always hand washed and detailed. The paint is not bad at all.
Interior is really nice.
Dyna Audio is the best stock stereo i have heard. there is a AUX input
The previous owner put in a factory blue tooth that works for calls but not audio.
Has Nav but it's dated.
Has a backup Camera that works awesome with the factory radio.
Brand new tires
not as glorious.
high miles but you wouldn't know it.
some fender rust, scrapes, and nicks from family use and highway
sometimes is slow to start. it has been doing that since i bought it. probably a bad ground someplace. never really bothered me so I never really looked into fixing it. always starts first try.
the auto liftgate was getting wonky so I converted it to manual. no issues with that.

email [email protected]
text/call. 914-584-0271 with questions

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