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Hey chaps!

Long time no see.
Been enjoying my 3.2 for the last 2 - 2 1/2 years now :)

Last summer, I had to change the HID bulbs. Now the ballasts are starting to act up. The car has the adaptive cornering lights, HID's and high-beam through the shutter lens.
The bulbs was OK, but I know for a fact that the ballasts are expensive as ****. Therefore I am looking into the possibility of either upgrading to 55W HID, or removing the xenon completel, and going for LED or laser bulbs. These has become ridicolously strong the last year.

I think the OEM lighting is too poor for my taste anyways.

Now, I have already had the lamps off of the car once, and I know that the ballasts are wired into more than just positive and negative power supply.
How much "fiddeling" will it take for me to:
* Replace the Ballast and bulbs for either 55W HID or LED/Laser?
* Maintain the OEM shutter-function
* Maintain the OEM adaptive light function

I know people have upgraded these lamps in the past, but I have yet to find some proper writing about it.
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