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like the title sais i miss driving a mk2 an a mk4 so im looking for something either built or super clean just offer up,

so i can let it go stock or as it sits

65,xxx k
united grey
fk street lines
17x9.5 35th anni wheels
custom resonated 2.5 cat back (my faveroite sounding mkv exhaust i haave heard)
aem dry flow intake
sits at 22.5 ftg front and back
maintance done
oil change every 4k
rear break pads done 10k ago
brake fluid done 10k ago
fuel filter done 10k ago
cabin filter done 10k ago
spark plugs done 10k ago
valves cleaned 20k ago

front fenders need replaced due to riding so low
rear quaters have been profesionally widened just needs to be painted
car has a few nicks and scratches

so if you want a super slammed stanced gti try mine out

im looking for 14000 as it sits or trade for anything vrt and nice mk4's but i would love a mk4 R
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