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With a couple of suggestions that migt help. My car is a 2015 Jetta Canadian model.

Another alternative for a tool through the drain port is to get a M10 brake bleeder and cut the portion below the thread so you have more volume capability. It costs 1 dollar and you need a dremel. I will try to post a pick

I did not use it because I decided to use the fill port. My procedure was to put the plastic fluid level gauge tube back in the pan while leaving the drain plug removed.

Step 2 was to remove the fill port plug and sice I did not know what thread it was, I found a 1/4 npt barbed fitting in my fittings that came with my air compressor. It fit loose but I tightened by hand until ut bottomed on. It barealy leaked trough the whole procedure, a few drops, you can add teflon tape if it leaks too much for you. Of course don't tighten with a wrench.

Step 3 I started the engine, monitor the temps with my Ross Tech and filled the whole 6 liters trough the fill port and let whatever fluid was extra come out trough the drain port. After I finished filling in AND the fluid stopped coming out of the drain port I buttoned up everyhing.

I believe that this method is easier than filling through the drain port. You just pour through the fill port with the engine on until it stops comin out of the drain port.

By the way, if you ever need to adjust sligtly the levelness of the car, you can do so by removing pressure from tires.

Also, to help not spill whatever is left in the pan when you remove it, you can untighten the front bolts on the pan, leaving only 3 threads in. Then you remove all other bolts and slowly tilt the pan rearwards, you can catch all that fluid this way.

I can't put pics up. I had a couple. Can someone volunteer that I send them the pics and they post them?

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