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I recently purchased a 2012 Jetta SE from my step dad who has had it maintained by the dealer since new. He had the 80k mile service done for us at 77.5k miles before selling us the car. At the same time, the dealer suggested front brake pads and rotors, as well as a transmission service which he also had them do. By looking at the invoice it looks like they just drained and filled it. They charged for 5 quarts of ATF, 1 washer, and labor. It has run perfectly fine since then.

Fast forward to a few days ago and the car now has about 80.5k miles on it. I'm going about 70mph and had to suddenly stop. As soon as I start accelerating, the trans was holding gears unnaturally long. It wasn't shifting until upwards of 5000 RPM. I was able to switch it into manual mode and manipulate it to shift normally, but it would drop a gear or two as soon as I would click it back into drive. I got to my destination and turned the car off and on again a few times and test drove it around the block and it was still holding gears too long. Looked under the car and saw that there was fluid coming from the driver side front wheel well area that had found its way back to almost the rear wheel on the underbody of the car and started investigating where it had come from. I let it sit a few hours and drove it around the block to listen for clicking (thinking it may have to do with the CV or axle seal) and it was shifting normally again.

I didn't want to drive it home since I thought it could be ATF and didn't know how much was left in the trans. At this point I was convinced it had to be the axle seal. I had a mechanic buddy come look at it and he eventually found that the source of the fluid was the trans overflow vent. He said the simple answer is that it was probably overfilled when serviced or filled when it was outside of the temperature parameters set by VW, but he doesn't know why it would have taken 3k miles to spit it out and why the transmission was shifting funny in just this one instance.

What is the best course of action here? Anything else I can check to diagnose this? We are going to see if the dealer will at least verify the ATF amount in the trans since they serviced it recently and it's coming out of the overflow.
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