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1.3" drop or 1.8"drop

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which should i do?? the price is the same would i need to change the sway bars?
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Re: 1.3" drop or 1.8"drop (Graz-Wolf 01')

went 60mm(2.36") down, have yet to rub, bottom out, or hit anything- out of your two choices- id do the 1.8" my stock stabilizer bars are fine as well. just be alert for dead animals and manhole covers.
Re: 1.3" drop or 1.8"drop (opinion914)

go 1.8 it looks better. my wifey has the cup kit for almost 6 months no rubbing yet
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Re: 1.3" drop or 1.8"drop (wolfsburg2)

with a 1.8" drop if they rub, will i notice and what will happen?
Re: 1.3" drop or 1.8"drop (Graz-Wolf 01')

nothing but rubbing will happen. I have had my cup kit over a year and no rubbing. I might get some rubbing on hard braking that is all.
Re: 1.3" drop or 1.8"drop (ncvwnut)

i think the rubbing occurs whne the front sway bar hits the(insert correct thing here) it has not happened for me yet.
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