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1/4 mile estimates

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I have been building a 1.9 for my 2 door rabbit and I was wondering if anyone has anything similar. It is a 1847cc 10.5-1 compression motor with a ported and polished head and autotech 287 cam. I'm going to run the stock fuel injection
but am upgrading to the knock sensor ignition. Autotech tri y header and custom
mandrel bent exauxt. I am going to use the stock ls 4 speed for now untill I can rebuild my 4k. But I am getting pretty close to finishing it and am curious to see
what it will run. Anybody have anything similar with 1/4 mile times?
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Re: 1/4 mile estimates (cornchip)

wow sounds good...........cant wait till u finish it.
Re: 1/4 mile estimates (Man&Golf)

IIRC, TT showed dyno charts for a very similar motor(slightly less cam, actually) in their "Tales from the Dyno" and the results were pretty low 15s, mph in the mid to high 80s.
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