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1/4 mile run analysis

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I´ve aqquired recently a AP22 performance meter, and done some 1/4 mile runs since. I already had G-Teched (from a friends) my car with much more impressive results than the ones i did now.
G-TECH Pro: 15.22sec and 150kmh(94mph) - 7.5sec 0-100kmh (62mph)
With my AP22 meter this were the results, tested on a slightly uphill road with a maddly spinning 1st gear start:
60 ft 2.94s 0.26g 27.5mph
330 ft 7.26s 0.25g 55.0mph
1/8 Mile 10.79s 0.13g 70.5mph
1/4 Mile 16.39s 0.12g 88.9mph (142.2kmh)
0-60MPH 8.18s 0.23g 408ft
Pk Power: 88.9mph 16.38s 1319ft 131hp
Peak G: 21.0mph 2.10s 29ft 0.56g

What do you think of my numbers ? I find them disappointing, what am i doing wrong?
PS- We don´t have a drag around here, so i can´t test it that way..
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Re: 1/4 mile run analysis (TDIracer)

7.5 secs for a TDI? that rocks man! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: 1/4 mile run analysis (HIDGolf)

I have 110 tdi (155 now)
Misuration (G-tech PRO)
0/100 km/h 8,82 sec
1/8 10,61
Re: 1/4 mile run analysis (diac)

Good Number's!
Re: 1/4 mile run analysis (Euro Dude)

I´ve done two more runs since (same place) and this time had a slightly better start off the line, and got through the gears more quickly. This was the result:
60 ft 2.74s 0.26g 27.6mph
330 ft 6.92s 0.26g 56.7mph
1/8 Mile 10.36s 0.17g 72.6mph
1/4 Mile 15.80s 0.13g 91.5mph (146.4kmh)
0-60MPH 7.50s 0.26g 379ft
Pk Power: 89.5mph 15.10s 1227ft 147hp
Peak G: 22.5mph 1.93s 29ft 0.57g
I´m obviously more satisfied, although my 60ft time still sucks, the next run i´ll try to get down the front tire pressure a bit down in order to improve traction. Not even a idle start seems to help..when the turbo spools up, tires just start spinning like crazy..

With a bit more practice i think 7sec 0-60mph and low 15´s are possible..not too bad for a diesel!

[Modified by TDIracer, 11:20 AM 2-11-2002]
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