Volkswagen is planning on bringing a whole lot of electrification to market very soon, but that doesn't mean that the gas engine is dead. Not for a while at least, and there are updated ones coming. Like a 1.5L turbo four that could be headed to the US.

The EA211 1.5L "evo" four uses the Miller cycle, which helps improves emissions and efficiency on boosted engines. It launched in Europe last year in the Polo, Golf, Passat, Tiguan, and T-Roc. Rated at 147 hp and up to 48 mpg in the Golf.

So is it coming to the US? Maybe. Wards Auto reports VW NA chief engineer Wolfgang Demmelbauer-Ebner as saying that the company is working on it. But as a more powerful version, since 147 hp isn't quite up to the expectations of buyers here. So a final decision has not yet been made on bringing it here. Demmelbauer-Ebner said that the EA211 family is the highest-volume engine family for VW, hitting about 6 million units a year.

"There’s still a lot of potential with conventional engines," Demmelbauer-Ebner said. A company that sells 10 million vehicles a year "can afford more than one technology."

[via: Wards Auto ]