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1.8->2.0 tuning???

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whats up guys.
couple months ago i slamdunked a 2.0 16V into my 89 GTI 16v.
I retained the inj and ign from the 1.8.
I did no tuning during this swap just plugged in the injectors and dist and started her.
She runs good but i think theres some hidden power in her.
Heres the specs
2.0 16V
Kent cams 268 set
k&n filt
blue ignitor wires
f6dtc plugs.
what can i do to my timing and fuel etc. to maximize power?
also should i build/buy the enrichment module?( i think i know this answer)
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Re: 1.8->2.0 tuning??? (VWFREQ)

Cat- check out Alex's page (it answers your questions):
How do you like those cams?
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