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Re: 1.8 8v CIS-E Build up & Turbo! Worth it? (8v-Jedi)

quote:[HR][/HR]strip the block down and rebuild w/ new crank and 2.0 pistons
(autotech engine package)[HR][/HR]​
no, get a 2.0 block from a newer vw or an older audi and spend about $250-450 instead of paying autotech $1595 and then still having to put it together
quote:[HR][/HR]Exchange my head for a rons parts 3 angle valve job, port and polished head[HR][/HR]​
sounds good. although if you want to go turbo, you would be better off without sticking with cis-e. the motronic engine management that comes with all the 93+ 2.0l vw engines would do nicely. you'll need the crossflow head to run motronic.
quote:[HR][/HR]and lastly getting a cheap turbo kit from 8vturbo.com ...[HR][/HR]​
sounds good.
quote:[HR][/HR]ofcourse i'm going to get a cam, igition, exhaust and the rest of the little things but those are the main things... i'm hoping with the turbo i could get around 200 - 250hp ?
...am i crazy?
...who knows
...hopefully u do, respond!
vw stock ignitions are great. just stick with the stock stuff there. for the cam and exhaust, i would talk to techtonics (www.tttuning.com) and see what they recommend. the majority of us here have tt exhausts. i'm very happy with my 2.25" cat back of theirs. i wouldn't say that you're crazy. i'd say that you could probably make well over 200 hp, but you would need to do some other things, like possibly lower the compression to a more boost friendly level (down from the 10.0:1 that the 2.0l blocks have) and a stronger transmission (like any of the 02a's) if you wanted a lot more power than that. pretty much, the only thing that will hold you back is money.
quote:[HR][/HR]yeh exactly, not many ppl do it at all.... so i wondering, if it is worth it, and why havent alot of ppl done this? ....maybe s0me0ne can shed s0me light... i hope everything would be co0L i wanna rilly d0 it[HR][/HR]​
just don't talk like that ever again, and we'll help you out with whatever you need!

ask questions on the specific stuff you want to know more about
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