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Re: 1.8t -> 1.9/2.0t? (Bug_Power)

I would guess you would need the 16V rods too. I guess the pins and the hieght of the pins could be the same, but if not, you need at least the rods and the pistons.
Stroker kit is about 1500 from Eurospec. It uses all factory parts, which is good as you can still get 350 wheel on stock rods and pistons.
Also, it could give you a wierd CR, as the pistons are designed with the size of the combustion chamber in mind.

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Re: 1.8t -> 1.9/2.0t? (1.BillyT)

do you know the combustion chamber volume?
are all the 20v heads the same on the combustion chamber side?
is the 1.8t like the older 1.8 blocks ..
220mm block height?
144mm rod length?
20mm wrist pin size?
is the only difference in the crank the trigger wheel?

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