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1.8T or a Vr6

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okay what car should i get? please give me your honest comments! thanks!
The car runs smooth, car handles like its on rails, just installed ATP/MFG turbo conversion, has T3 turbine with super 60 trim, greddy turbo timer, turbo xs boost control, front and rear tower strut bars, crane hi-6 ingnition amp, Momo Champion steering wheel, A-pillar mounted autometer guages. The car is freakishly fast, no need to down shift on freeway , just tap the gas and enjoy the g-force, just installed last month, i still have all the reciepts, I had the guys at ATP professionally install the turbo , this motor has dynoed 200 hp top the wheels and can go upto 230, with minor mods...car is excellent..
heheh or just a corrado vr6 STOCK? both are stick so please give me your comments! i need help because i am getting a corrado VERY soon!!!!
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Re: 1.8T or a Vr6 (CorradoForMePLEASE)

Where in Oakland are you? We should definitely meet up when you get your car...I'd like to check out this turbo, too, if it's local. BTW I'm right by Lake Merrit
Re: 1.8T or a Vr6 (CorradoForMePLEASE)

I'd go for the turbo if it was built right and can be verified.. sounds like fun..
Re: 1.8T or a Vr6 (DaiKa)

arite thanks you guys! yeah i am probably going to go with the turbo but i gotta check with my friend too. i live in oakland by the diamond district. but the only probably is! that it has no power steering!! BTW this is corradoformeplease i am using my brother's sn
Re: 1.8T or a Vr6 (zhanahkahbahz)

yeah i know the car is not in that great of condition since there is no power steering! because it is out! but i will see how low that man will go. if not i always can get that vr6! but yes... we all should get together with our corrados! dayam i gotta practice driving stick!
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Re: 1.8T or a Vr6 (CorradoForMePLEASE)

Did you test drive the 1.8?? how much boost is it running?
Re: 1.8T or a Vr6 (a747ba)

nope i havent test drove the car YET! hahaha i might be able to go to test drive it during winter break because i am stuff with school work. hopefully the car is in good condition! let us hope!
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