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1.8T-specific Suspension

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In my quest for handling (now that my quest for power's temporarily been satisfied!), I have begun the painstaking search for a good suspension setup for my beloved GTi.
Having pretty much decided against coilovers, I'm now looking into matched spring/shock sets like the H&R cup kit, and Weitec's similar setups.
Particularly, I'm looking for someone who makes a set up * specifically for our 1.8T (or just our chassis?...) cars.
If I'm not mistaken the HR cup kit for the 1.8T Golf/GTis are matched for our specific corner weights (or something like that)... right? Sort of like a properly tuned set of coilovers, only they're not coilovers per se.
(someone correct me if I'm wrong! -- I'm still ignorant about suspension components etc.)
Anyway, that said, I'm (duh) looking for suggestions, recommendations, and critical analysis of your matched spring/shock set.
Oh yeah, and if anyone knows of a good web site explaining (in relative detail) the basic workings of suspension in our (or in fact, any) cars, do link it up!
Any help is much appreciated... as the folk in the suspension tuning page don't seem to be too knowledgable or willing to help.


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Re: 1.8T-specific Suspension (AD)

You may want to give the folks at Shine Racing a call. They're at 508-660-7974 or http://www.srsvw.com/
The "Real Street" suspension package they offer is a well thought out combination. It's springs and Bilsteins at all four corners, and a beefy rear anti-roll bar that works in combination with the bar that VW already has welded in there. It's mildly stealthy in that you can't see the bar at all - only the ends of four bolts that hold it in. Of course, that also means you haven't reduced clearance for car washes, etc.
One of the claims to fame about this package is that it retains stock body height in the front, and drops the rear by about a half inch. Thus, you retain good suspension travel for street use. The kit is very noticeably firmer than stock, but even so, it's not a harsh setup, and in some ways it's less harsh than stock, mainly due to improved shock control. All in all, it's an exceptionally good compromise between ride and handling.
Handling? Well, let me say that my AWW GTI, with the Shine setup, APR 91-octane chip, Hawk Blues on Frozen Rotors and 225/50 Kumho Victoracer sneakers on 15 inch Kosei K1s will run right with track-sneakered and braked E36 M3s at places like New Hampshire International, Lime Rock and Mont Tremblant. By that I mean I pass some, and some pass me. On balance, I pass them a fair bit more than they pass me. This is with the proviso that we group foks by driver experience/capability, and I run in the group right below instructor level, so everybody out there with me is far from a novice.
Shine recommends that you disconnect the front anti-sway bar after getting through a few track sessions (to pretty much eliminate all understeer so you can easily rotate the car through tighter turns), but I haven't done that yet. My theory is that the closer the car is to the way I run it on the street the better, since these are driving *schools* after all, and all track experience should be street-applicable, IMO.
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Re: 1.8T-specific Suspension (Augie00)

I don't see any MK4 stuff on their website.

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Re: 1.8T-specific Suspension (One Dub Nut)

You will get better results in the Suspension and/or Golf/Jetta IV forums. Plus use the search engine!!! Suspension for a Golf IV has been discuess ten times over again.
Briefly you CAN NOT go wrong with H&R. Every magazine and vwvortex.com member that has shelled out the bucks for the coilovers has done nothing but rave about them. VW Power magazine said a Golf IV with H&R coilovers and front/read sway bars in their minds almost rivals a M3. The Cup Kit is also a great product if you don't have the money to go full out.
Another good combo is H&R springs and Bilstein struts and the Eibach Pro-Kit (springs and struts).
Again, SEARCH!
Re: 1.8T-specific Suspension (One Dub Nut)

One Dub Nut said:
"I don't see any MK4 stuff on their website.
Give them a call if you're serious, skip them if you're browsing.
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Re: 1.8T-specific Suspension (A-Money)

While H&R makes GREATE springs, their shocks/struts are rather lacking - there are multiple posts about struts bending and failing all together. IF you want good suspension - you cannot go wrong with Bilstein. Also check out Koni and Weitec.
Re: 1.8T-specific Suspension (Gambit)

Thanks for the input guys-- and search? Yes, I've done that... but have found nothing pertaining specifically to my original post... oh yeah, and the suspension forum is *dead*.

Again, thx for the info though!
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Re: 1.8T-specific Suspension (AD)

I've been doing the exact same thing. Searching the suspension forum doesn't yield much results. I've just been reading what few posts there are.
Many people love the Shine setup. Some say it's too harsh. Apparently it's better if you're on 15" or 16" wheels (instead of bigger).
I've more or less decided on the Eibach Pro kit. $530ish, only lowers about 1.25" and most say it's still comfortable, yet a good improvement in handling.
Anyway, this is just what I've gathered from reading in the suspensions forum.
Re: 1.8T-specific Suspension (Gatorfreak)

Gatorfreak: http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif thanks for seconding my "the suspension forum is dead" comment.
Now if only more people were willing to tell us their suspension secrets dot.dot.dot...
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