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1.8t to 2.0 swap

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will the 1.8t manifold n turbo fit on the 2.0???
someone told me that theyre the same block
...if so, anyone selling a old turbo?
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Re: 1.8t to 2.0 swap (DanMalX)

check momentum. They should be able to grab an engine for ya.
Related block, very different head

Sorry to say this won't work, primarily because you are going from a 20v head to an 8v head, the manifolds just won't match up. To get the K03 on the 2.0L 8v you will need to do some custom intake/exhaust manifold work, just to start with.
Also, the K03 is sized "just right" for the 1.8L motor, but alot of 1.8T owners who want even more hp will say it doesn't have the capacity for high hp. With the 2.0L motor you have 11% more displacement to charge, and will run into this performance wall that much sooner. If you could get it to work a K04 would be a better bet, but if you are spending this kind of cash go for something with even higher capacity (like in the 285hp APR kit) or if cash is short, Neuspeeds supercharcher.
Good luck,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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