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1.8t upgrades

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Where can i find prices, and ordering info on turbo upgrades for the 1.8t(the new ones with the 180hp), yes i searched the site. And couldn't find much at all
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Re: 1.8t upgrades (clayTurbo)

Try going over to the 1.8t forum.
Re: 1.8t upgrades (clayTurbo)

what do you need?
there's a guy here in houston that can basically get you anything you want at a good price.
I've got an 02 and i've already dug into it(4,700 miles)
once i sell some crap on ebay i'll be chipped, dropped, gassed, and exhausted
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Re: 1.8t upgrades (kingpinGTI)

I was wondering what drop you're going with? Brand? Coilovers, cup kit, etc..? I am looking at koni coilovers but am also looking at the h&r cup kit.. what do you think? I have a '02 1.8T as well.. (stock)
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