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Re: 1.8t with G60 injection/eCU (gimmeAdub)

Pros: cheap, easy to wire, forced induction ready and very capable. Chips for the Digi 1 are rather inexpensive compared to the 1.8t management. Like 80% cheaper.
Cons: Ignition. You need to add a distributor. (Side note:Some have managed to get Digi 1 to fire stock coilpacks, but it's beyond me how you do that-anyone got any ideas there?)
There's a fellow in Canada with Digi 1 running his 1.8t and he attached a 16v distributor to the intake cam as opposed to the ex cam where it lives on the 16v motors. This is fundamentally what VW has already done by placing the hall sensor/camshaft position sensor on the intake cam.
Then there's the programming. Does anyone out there have good software for Digi 1 running a 1.8t? I don't know. SNS could do it for you, they'd probably relish the oppurtunity.

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