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1.9L info??

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any of you guys running a 1.9L with the G60. a friend is wondering what kind of wheel hp and torque #'s you are getting. he talked to matrix and they had one that didnt even break 190whp he is trying to see if would even be worth spending the $$ to do it.
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Re: 1.9L info?? (DougG60)

quote:[HR][/HR]...that didnt even break 190whp he is trying to see if would even be worth spending the $$ to do it.[HR][/HR]​
i think you friend would be very happy with 190whp. most 1.9s also produce a crapload of torque through a wide rpm range.
Re: 1.9L info?? (DougG60)

I am w/ 9:1 , will be done soon hope fully, just waiting on pistons from JE
Re: 1.9L info?? (SSj4G60)

well if you think about it those 6 whopping cubes are not going to make a huge difference. I wouldn't upgrade to 1.9 without choosing 9:1 compression. And I wouldn't upgrade to 1.9 w/9:1 compression unless the engine you have now is dead. The gains per $$ are not there. Port your head if you want to see some real gains.
Re: 1.9L info?? (mrkrad)

I'll hopefully be done my 1.9 swap by next fri... I'm keeping the 8:1 compression and had the head rebuilt... I will keep things posted W/pics when it is all said and done... Your buddy isn't Dominic is it?
Re: 1.9L info?? (LarryG60)

yeah its Dominik. he's near 180k mi and looking for some more power. might go with BBM 2L block.
Re: 1.9L info?? (DougG60)

AWE Tuning built 1.9L It used to be on there website. I emailed them about a chip and this is what they said. I hope it's not bad form to post a email.
This is an old email. I sent it when I was building my current motor.
> Hi,
> I dropped of my G60 shortblock at my local machinist
> last week and just got word that I need new pistons.
> Since I have to pay for the labor of boring I decided
> to research increasing displacement.
> I saw the nice pics of the 1.9 liter on your website
> and I was wondering if you had those pistons in stock
> and if you had any dyno numbers from that motor. Do
> you need a special chip to run a 1.9? What other mods
> were on that motor?
The motor produced ~220hp with: P&P head, 1.9l, TT exhaust, 268 assym
cam, and custom tuned chip. Now that the chip is finished, it is
available for mail order: $225.
The pistons are made by JE and are 8.5:1 compression and are $650 per

Hope that help. It's sounds like Matrix had a little sorting to do. We all know G60s luuuuuuuv to be finicky. Mine sure was.
And is.
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Re: 1.9L info?? (G60Jetta2dr)

Dominik, give me an E-Mail @ [email protected] My BBM 1.9 will be done soon and I plan to dyno it after everything is nice and broken in... Larry at BBM actually talked me out of the 2.0... Too long of a stroke... Moter boggs out with anything less than 15 lbs of boost... For a daily driver with the street racing edge they said 1.9 is the way to go...
Re: 1.9L info?? (LarryG60)

Llew: I've got some questions about that dyno chart did you happen to save that somewhere? I'm just wondering iif that sweet spot changed at all with the lowered compression. i still second guess myself on gettin' a 268 cam when I think I'd really like a 260.
I'm more than likely gonna go 1.9l with my motor but damn will it be expensive.
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