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I just sold the '89 Wolfie. The guys at The Source will find a good home for its engine, tranny and various other parts. So now I have to get rid of the '86 Jetta I was using for parts. Next weekend I will be having it towed to a scrap-yard.
If anyone needs it (the engine is ok minus the alternator and needing new valve seals) and the tranny was perfectly fine when i drove it, but it's been sitting in the garage for a couple of years, just p.m. me for more details.
The reasons it cant be driven is that I removed the alternator, the throttle cable, parts of the shifter linkage and some wiring.
I'd probably get like $50 from a scrapyard, but I'd rather make another 'texer happy.
Moderators: Please excuse the cross-post, but I'd like to give this proper exposure. Don't forget that I am doing this for altruistic reasons
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