Maybe you just bought a used Volkswagen Mk7 GTI and are itching to bolt on some mods. Maybe you’ve been waiting patiently for your warranty to expire before going wild. Whatever the case, you picked the right platform. The Volkswagen Mk7 GTI offers an incredible blend of civility and performance, along with a massive aftermarket scene with plenty of parts availability. Without further ado, here are 10 of the best Volkswagen GTI performance parts.

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Whiteline Performance Adjustable Rear Sway Bar

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One of the best upgrades for any front-wheel-drive car is a high-quality aftermarket rear sway bar. Not only will an adjustable rear sway bar make your GTI handle more neutrally, it also won’t come at the expense of any ride quality. Best of all, it’s tuneable so you can dial in exactly how much rotation under trail braking you want to have.

Whiteline Performance is a trusted name in aftermarket suspension, pumping out high-quality parts from bushings to sway bars for all sorts of applications. Its 22 mm adjustable rear sway bar features two different points of end link attachment, forged ends for added strength and lateral locks to prevent the sway bar from moving around under load. Bottom line is this is a nice, affordable way to improve your GTI’s handling without sacrificing livability. When it comes to the best Volkswagen GTI performance parts, this is a hard combination to beat.

H&R Sport Lowering Springs

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Lowering a car can be a tricky game, especially in an age of factory-available adaptive dampers and aftermarket coilovers of questionable quality. Thankfully, H&R is coming to the rescue with strong, comfortable, genuine parts in the form of lowering springs. Not only will they enhance the look of your GTI, they’ll also lower its center of gravity without upsetting roll centers.

To be more specific, we’re looking at H&R’s Sport lowering springs that offer up a healthy 1.3-inch drop to help eliminate your wheel gap. They’re progressive-rate springs for a like-factory ride over small bumps and plenty of spring rate for hard cornering or absorbing big bumps. Best of all, they pass the rigorous TÜV certification process so you know they’ll be safe at autobahn speeds.

Whileline Front Camber/Caster Kit

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While MacPherson Strut front suspension is compact and economical to produce, it does feature some camber limitations as it doesn’t gain travel under load. As such, increasing front camber increases front grip in the corners, and Whiteline’s Camber/Caster Kit is a great way to go about doing just that.

These offset strut hats add a full degree of negative camber and half a degree more caster, good stuff for increasing grip and steering feel. Best of all, they feature some measure of flexibility so they don’t beat you up with massively increased NVH on the street. Sure, they aren’t adjustable like some fancier camber plates are, but few fancier camber plates offer such an impressive blend of performance and civility in keeping with the GTI ethos. That alone makes them worth of inclusion in our list of the best Volkswagen GTI performance parts.

EBC Yellowstuff Brake Pads

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While factory brake pads are generally an engineering compromise between stopping power, dust and noise, that doesn’t always mean that they’re the best option. In fact, EBC brakes makes a line of pads that provide more stopping power, even from cold, than stock pads. If your brake pads are wearing thin, it’s worth looking into them.

Dubbed Yellowstuff, these pads pack potent punch under their coat of yellow paint. They use an aramid fiber compound to breeze through ECE R 90 brake testing approval and really shine once they get some heat into them. Very few pads are able to beat the GG-rated friction compound of most OEM German brake pads, but these can. They’re also friendly on rotors, easy to bed in and pack a truly massive heat range. In fact, the only real downside to Yellowstuff pads is dust. A small price to pay for such impressive performance.

Integrated Engineering Cold Air Intake

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Now that your GTI can turn and stop better than factory, it’s time to get under the hood. A good intake can help an EA888 engine come alive, providing better airflow, a heaping of glorious induction noise and a bit more power when paired with a tune.

Integrated Engineering takes a higher-tech approach than most cold air intake manufacturers by drawing air from both the wheel well and the leading edge of the hood. Its novel wraparound heat shield not only looks great but also works to open up your intake by gulping down gallons of cool air. Best of all, Integrated Engineering’s cold air intake is fully certified by CARB, so you shouldn’t have trouble passing emissions testing no matter where you live.

XForce Varex Cat Back Exhaust

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Now that you’re getting more air into your Mk7 GTI, it’s time to help evacuate the exhaust gases. Aftermarket cat back exhaust systems add flow but can often be an annoyance to neighbors, particularly if you plan on firing up your GTI in the dark. Happily, XForce has a solution.

We’ve seen valved exhaust systems on high-end performance cars for years, and now a similar system is available for your GTI. XForce has engineered this 3-inch stainless system to incorporate its Varex valved muffler. At the press of a button, your GTI can go from quiet and demure to pleasingly rowdy, perfect for keeping a low profile while also enjoying your exhaust when you can.

Unitronic Stage 1 ECU Tune

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Now that you have better airflow in and out of your Mk7 GTI, it’s time to uncork the computer and see what your EA888 engine can really do. While a variety of tuning solutions are available, we’re focusing on Unitronic’s Stage 1 ECU Tune.

Can a safe tune also generate massive gains? Absolutely. Unitronic’s Stage 1 ECU Tune maintains factory safety limits, features torque management by gear to safeguard your gearbox and still adds 87 horsepower and 88 lb-ft of torque on 91 octane. Those are Golf R numbers out of a GTI. Best of all, it’s flashed to your ECU at home in 15 minutes or less and makes more power and torque everywhere along the curve. With performance like that, it is undoubtedly one of the best Volkswagen GTI performance parts available.

Torque Solution Billet Engine Mount

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It’s no secret that the Mk7 GTI’s factory engine mount is a bit fragile under hard use. While the factory hydraulic rubber mount is great at neutralizing noise and vibration, it allows for plenty of wheel hop under hard use and is prone to cracking and spewing its fluid about the engine bay. Good news, the aftermarket is coming to the rescue.

Torque Solutions offers this nifty billet engine mount with beefier construction, harder bushings and no hydraulic fluid. Machined out of 6061-T6 billet aluminum, this mount kills wheel hop without adding insane NVH. This translates to better traction, less stress on drivetrain components and faster launches. Best of all, Torque Solutions offers a limited lifetime warranty on this billet engine mount, so you know it’s as tough as old boots. Exactly what you need to keep a reign on all those turbocharged horses.

Torque Solution Shifter Cable Bushings

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Anyone who’s driven a Mk7 GTI specced with the manual gearbox would describe the shifter feel as a bit lacking. It’s rubbery, imprecise and while smooth, not exactly ideal for a performance car. Indeed, such is the plight of cable shifters. Tune them for comfort and all high-performance precision goes out the window. However, because of their cable-actuated design, they can be fairly inexpensive to fix.

Torque Solution, the same guys behind the billet engine mount, make Delrin shifter bushings for the Mk7 GTI. Because Delrin is a hard, low-friction, self-lubricating material, it tightens up shift feel dramatically without requiring heaps of maintenance. Expect notchier, more positive, more precise shifts that put a bigger grin on your face. The best part? The kit is dirt nasty cheap. You can’t get a new AAA-title game these days for this price, so leveling up your GTI’s shifter makes absolute. Considering value, this is one of the best Volkswagen GTI performance parts going.

Falken Azenis RT615K+

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Wanna take your driving to a whole new level? Forget all-season tires or even summer tires with treadwear in the 300s. What you really want are some sticky gumballs, 200-treadwear tires that will knock your socks off with more grip than you’ve ever imagined in a street tire.

While the Falken Azenis RT615K+ certainly isn’t the latest 200-treadwear summer tire on the market, it remains a solid deal for those seeking bonafide track day traction with reasonable rain performance. Featuring a stiff carcass, massive shoulders and a properly sticky compound, it aims to enhance road feel and cornering grip, cleaving out a notable advantage over a GTI’s standard-issue tires. As a wonderful side effect of their performance-oriented design, they also look awesome with zig-zag rain channels and beefy tread blocks. Throw in an attractive price tag, and this is a Volkswagen GTI performance upgrade we can get behind.

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