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100,000 mile tune-up

I just bought this car last week, what else should I do??
so far:
oil and filter
tranny fluid
spark plugs
dist. cap
fuel filter (original was still in there!!)
air filter
sea-foam the carbon out of the cylinders
I am also planning on changing all the belts soon, there are 3 right - serp. belt, v-belt and the timing belt??
Anything else I am missing??

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Re: 100,000 mile tune-up (tenacious jett)

oh yeah-I forgot to mention I did clean the throttle body, boy was it dirty!!
brake fluid is good, I am gonna wait on the coolant in case I decide to replace the water pump when i do the timing belt.
as far as plug wires, thats was gonna be my next question-which are the best to buy-where do I get New Dimension plug wires??
thanks a lot!!
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