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1000$'s worth of mods, opinions please!

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I've decided to put 1000can(us 650)$ aside for mods to my car. I don't want to spend more than that, so nothing too outragious is planned. I want to know if the following is a good starting point, or if there are parts I'm not getting that would be more cost-efficient :
-*used* 2.0l block (to use with my 1.8 head) +odds and ends + labor
-Camshaft + labor
-lowering springs (can get cheap from friend's wrecked car, maybe 150$)
-roll bar (if I have money left)
-short shifter
-fuba (can get cheap from a friend's wrecked car, maybe 25-30$.)
I allready have intake and exhaust on my car, the rest I will keep stock for now.
Is there anything else that I might also want ? Is 1000$ too little for all of that? How much HP should I expect? I'm guessing 120-125...
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Re: 1000$'s worth of mods, opinions please! (GM)

for what money you have you will not get all that out of it. if i was in your situation i would save a little bit more and get coilovers. the 2.0 ABA block swap cost me almost 1500 USD and i did it myself, and bought the block for 200 bucks. theres alot more to replace then you think (clutch, motormounts, seals, bolts, studs all kinds of stuff, and you will regret not replacing everything you could.) i also did a cam and stuff too but the money dosent go as far as you think. as i said, in your shoes, i would get a really good suspention (i have fk coilovers, they run about 1200 can. and kick ass)
Re: 1000$'s worth of mods, opinions please! (Andrew Foss)

hey if you come pick me up and give me a cott, you can save on labor, i am only in NJ and i work for free, lol
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