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Greetings all,

Well, the time has come to divest my R32. I acquired the car here back in 2012. It had 44k miles and number of nice mods, mostly Neuspeed that the original owner (a priest in Minnesota) had installed. I refreshed a number of items and added some other goodies. I used the car to commute between Boulder, CO and the Denver airport for about a year and a half before relocating to San Francisco. I then used the car to commute between SF & Menlo Park before relocating to San Diego. The car was always engaging and really took the drudgery out of commuting, especially with the "Tampa Mod" exhaust. In 2017 I let my teenage son start driving it. Unfortunately, it's lived a hard life in the interim. The biggie was a solo accident (that has been mechanically repaired, but not the cosmetics / bodywork) and recently, what appears to be a failing mechatronic unit.

Given the issues, I'd like to list the car for sale at a buyer friendly price. I have no clue what a fair price would be. I suppose I could take the bluebook vale and deduct the $2,500 bodyshop estimate to address the bodywork, deduct another ~$1,500 for the Mechatronic issue and maybe even knock another $1,000 off for good measure and to foster a quick sale. I can always donate it to the Make A Wish Foundation for auction and take the tax deduction, but I would also like to put it out there in case there's a local enthusiast that's wants to take on a project and end up with a pretty sweet car if they're willing to put in the time and sweat equity to make it happen. I also have a lot of spare parts that would go with the car. Anyway, below are the details. I'd appreciate the community's thoughts on what would be a fair listing price for a quick sale.

123,258 miles
All services up to date (primarily done at VW dealers in Bouder, CO, San Francisco, CA and Encinitas, CA during my owndership)
New Michelin PS A/S3 @ 115,131 miles

Mods include...
Black plasti-dip and vinyl wrapped front no-holes (filled-in) grill.
Black plasti-dip rear VW emblem.
R rear emblem.
Hella DE fog lights.
Hella HID driving lights.
Neuspeed CAI.
Koni FSD shocks.
Audi A3 3.2 sport line springs.
ECS aluminum lower control arms and sport bushings.
OZ Ultraleggera Matte Graphite 18x8 wheels.
Michelin PS A/S3 tires.
Stoptech 355mm front brakes. Slotted rotors. Yellow powdercoated front calipers w/ R logos.
Centric slotted rear rotors.
Yellow powdercoated rear calipers.
Neuspeed selectable Haldex controller.
Euro dark grey engine-turned interior trim.
Grey radio, center vent and outer dash vent surrounds.
"R" inserts for seat height adjustment levers.
"R" dead pedal.
ST2 Performance aluminum steering wheel paddles.
Neuspeed rear anti-roll bar.
A3 3.2 S-line springs.
Koni FSD dampers all around.
Passat amplifier
ECS rear hatch pop kit.
Magnaflow center resonator.
Magnaflow exhaust tips, painted black.
Monster matts.
Heavy duty cargo liner with cargo blocks.

Spare Parts
Front brakes: calipers, carriers, lines, rotors and heat shields. Excellent condition.
Stock exhaust.
ECS Tuning center resonator delete.
Stock rear Anti Roll Bar with end links.
Stock springs.
Interior trim, stock engine turned bright silver.
Interior dash vents, black.
Interior head unit trim / surround and upper dash vent surround, black.

Body damage, LF fender, Hood, front bumper & grill
Mechatronic control unit on its way out
SRS warning light on: 591 seat belt switch, 2513 belt force sensor, 532 B+ voltage low

More pics here https://amoroso.smugmug.com/Cars/2008-MkV-R32-1784-5000-after/i-GP37LxM/A (pics with the Oz Ultraleggeras are current)

So, please let me know that you think. And and all thoughts are appreciated.
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