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Re: 13,600 miles an o2 sensor is dead.... (2.0Tgti)

Quote, originally posted by 2.0Tgti »
Yeah, got a CEL...then it left....then it came back....then it left....then I got pissed and went up to induktion to get it checked out.
diagnosis- o2 sensor is dead. not the secondary one post cat, its the primary that sits right on the front of the dp. o well, not an expensive part but definitly one necessary to the motor doing what it should in terms of fuel.
I'd go through vw but i just cleared the codes and lord knows i wont throw one before the dealer looks at it....parts around $90, I'll just replace it.
Anybody else lose one so early?
My car was born with a bad o2 sensor. Gave me CELs for months till the dealer finally figured it out.
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