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1300 badge

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they came on 66 bugs , i have one do you guys think it would be wrong to put it on my 61? i think they look cool
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Re: 1300 badge (61sktnbug)

Put it on your Rabbit.
You answered your own question by saying you thought it would look cool.
Wrong? Darn right it's wrong.
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Re: (passat_guy21)

well, being a 66 owner i think it would be wrong unless you actually had a 1300 with the ever so rare 1300 heads on it but it's yoursd so do what you will.
Re: (pkagel)

I kind of agree here, kind of llike putting a VTEC sticker on a non-VTEC car Not as stupid, but along the same lines if you know what I'm trying to say.
Re: (pkagel)

Quote, originally posted by pkagel »
with the ever so rare 1300 heads

What's so rare about them? I have 2 or 3 pairs just taking up space in my storage room. Cant use them for anything.
Re: (PerL)

well i actually have a 1300 CASE in my 65 so i guess it kinda fits? even though it should be in a 66!
Re: (passat_guy21)

1300 heads were used up for racing purposes as they were the best flowing single ports made back when. if you have a couple sets then hang onto them as somebody will want them for a restoration sometime.
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