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[email protected]!

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yesh yesh yall to the beat yall nakedly i finally ran the 14.9 i know i could heh twice! first i ran a 15.3 then a 14.97 then a 14.93 and the last i ran a 15.3 peeling out for about 35 feet revved her way to high that time. Anyway now i am officially a 14 second NEW CUTE BEETLE!!!!! Smoked a 5.0 on the track easilly video on the way as well as pics of the time slips as soon as i can get someone to scan them. WRX got owned on the top end on the way back as well as a riced out civic.

Heres the info:
1/8 ET:9.6010
1/4MPH 92.99
Finish Margin 1.8465
All of this from an Upsolute chip, Neuspeed Exhaust and Custom HKS air intake system created by Anaconda motorsports
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Re: [email protected]! (Brown E)

Anaconda Motorsports Eh? LOL Great times for an Auto NB with the AWD motor.
Re: [email protected]! (steez)

That's a SWEET time!! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: [email protected]! (flanders)

Great bug time, what did the NB.org guys have to say
Re: [email protected]! (jim wilson)

they love it
again if i have good tires i know i can get into 14.8 14.7 area. Incase i havent posted these tires have never been rotated and have been on since i bought the car last year. Theyre prett warn out too.
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