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I'll do my best to detail one year ownership......
car specs below..
bought 08/09/02 in service 8/16/02 delivered with 36 mi on odo
gas 92 with occcaisional 89 no noticlble difference in performance
tire pressure 37/38
average gas mileage 24/27 (range) w/ a/c almost always on at least 1, island driving....lots of slow down and speed up...no freeway
oil: mobil 1 5-30 after 5000 mi / changed to castrol syntex 5-30 at 15,000
sevice costs: (all with customer provided oil)
5000 mi 22.86
10,000 mi (including tire rotate) total 86.49
15,000 mi. w/ vw coupon from website 17.81
average service time 90 minutes.
dialog: service has been very good so far....first oil change was an over fill, after that brought only 4 qts in and said I would top it off.....4 qt just enough I watched the tech today and he was meticulous about the oil level, added oil, checked dip stick, added oil, etc.. The master tech is knowledgable and drives and VW...
warrenty issues:
1) had windshield replaced as soon as part came in (done by independant shop) due to distrortion. ( if I were to do it again I woundn't bother replacement isn't much better but have noticed all brands don't have perfect winshields) NO subsequent issue for windshield
2) rear window door lock button stopped working / replaced / no issues
3) passenger side DRL bulb out / replaced with above item same time/ no issues (out at 10,687 mi on odo)
4) driver side drl bulb out (around 13,000 mi)/ replaced at 15,000 mi service/ warrenty covered
a/c checked at 10,000 mi service / temp at center vent 48 degrees (factory spec)
all warrenty work has been performed with no questions asked....tech writer is helpful and has not said once "We've never seen that before"
electronic quirk: a few times maybe I opened the driver side door and the horn beeps(like the locking sound)....the alarm has gone off a couple of times( may have hit the panic button)
dialog: car had performed very well under fully loaded conditions and otherwise/ ride is smooth and quiet / plenty of power with 1.8t and tip (not a race driver) seats have gotten more comfortable and a/c seems to be colder than a year ago.....no squeaks or rattles of any sort...
over engineering complaint.....really would be nice not to have to unlock back hatch everytime you need to get into it.......
I really enjoy the ride and the look of the car and it gets a lot of compliments.
over all I am very happy with it's perfomance , practicality and looks
THE WHITE LOVE WAGON http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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Re: 15,000mi/one year report (mauslick)

hey, nice report mauslick, thanks for taking the time to post it!
here's my own version:
bought the car 11/01 with approx 21 miles
5k service was approx $50
10k service was approx $70
15k need to get it done asap
service so far has not been very good. 2 for 2 on overfills among other things.
warranty issues:
rear washer jet adjusted to actually hit the rear windshield
front windshield wipers replaced (they still don't work very well)
headlights out at approx 9300 miles
not fixed:
front ashtray lighter plug not working
rear ashtray lighter plug not working
rear ashtray spring not present so rear ashtray just pops open
driver's seat memory not working properly
overall thoughts:
i love my car. yeah, too much body roll and too much squat and dive, and yeah, maybe a little lag with the acceleration, and the tip is slushy, and there are a few qc issues and the service sucks, but the car itself generally makes me smile like this:

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Re: 15,000mi/one year report (amgvw)

I did clarify that I wasn't a race car driver......just a fuddy duddy that wanted to drive something nice....but couldn't afford a BMW.......
I've neve driven a F1 so I have nothing to compare to.......

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Re: 15,000mi/one year report (mauslick)

quote:[HR][/HR]hey nice report mauislick....thank for taking the time out to post it......![HR][/HR]​
Yeah, that
, and
quote:[HR][/HR]tire pressure 37/38[HR][/HR]​
Is the pressure that high because you load your wagon with a lot of stuff or do you just think the car rides better that way?

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Re: 15,000mi/one year report (av_audi)

i like to keep it high (tire pressure) for the gas mileage (every little bit helps) and for the heavy loads.. I probably can't tell the difference in the ride....
in there now : fronts are 39.5 and the backs are 38....
just my personal preferance........
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