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1552 Design Essen Video Production

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Anybody see the Essen DVD that 1552 is selling? I noticed it on their site and ordered a copy. They always have good pics but I think a tape or DVD is definitely cooler. Hopefully they'll have some good footage of the D&W chicks! Did anybody else order one?
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Re: 1552 Design Essen Video Production (hlubberboy)

According to Steve i was the first to reserve a copy a few weeks back...TTT
Re: 1552 Design Essen Video Production (big bentley)

Im guessing as soon as Brad and Adrian come back from their "business trip" they will make the video tape/dvd and have them ready for sale.
Knowing Adrian and seeing the video camera he uses VW Sport will make a good quality tape/dvd.
Re: 1552 Design Essen Video Production (assumed1)

Yea, I saw Adrian today ( about 30 mins ago ) as he was getting into his new ride. That bad boy is sooooooooo sweet, I want one. He let me check out the inside and he told me of some of his new ideas for modding it. Oh yea, his new car is an Audi Allroad- Black in color. I also asked him to pick me up a few things while he's away on his "business trip"
It's cool getting to see him every day, I get all the good "poop" on who's doing what!!!! Hopefully he'll be able to find the items I asked him to pick up?? I'll post some pics if all goes well!!!
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