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16'' vs 17'' wheels

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Is there any advantage to having the 17'' wheels over the sdt 16'' wheels? I happen to like the looks of the std 16'' better than the 17'' that the dealer has on
all of the 1.8 gas turbos (GLXs) at an additional cost of over $400.
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Re: 16'' vs 17'' wheels (MADBUG)

Depends where you live and what you want.
17"s look great, and at $400 extra from the dealer, its a good deal. The car will handle better too.
However, for the average person, the downsides are pretty significant: much more expensive tires, you must get a second set of wheels with snow tires if you live anywhere it snows much, and if you damage one of those pretty rims, VW wants $438 EACH for a new one (yes each, and thats without a tire
. Also, the car will have *slightly* worse acceleration and fuel economy and ride quality, but these aren't that significant.
The stock 16" wheels and tires are adequate for most people. If you want to improve the handling, another option is to upgrade the 16" tires at some point to a higher performance tire. Of course, if you do that, you may also want to consider a second set of wheels with snows anyway.
(That said, I'm buying the 17" 'cause they look cool and I have winter wheels anyway

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