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16v cam chain

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Hey all!When I rev my engine to about 2.5 - 3K I can hear some kind of metal sound in the head of it.My guess is the chain that connects the cams.Anyone knows if I might be right or tell me some info about that chain like :how to replace it and is there some mileage interval for when to replace it.Thanks!
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Re: 16v cam chain (3895544)

That might be it. You can check it by removing valve cover. If you can feel any looseness in the chain, replace it.
Re: 16v cam chain (terokoo)

You will only hear noise when it's idleing because when you rev it, it tightens up. I would look somewhere else...
Re: 16v cam chain (smokin' Joe D.)

Nah mine did the same thing and I pulled out the cams and the chain was streatched, and the teeth were worn bad on the gears you might want to consider replacing those also
Re: 16v cam chain (smokin' Joe D.)

before you do that though check the intake manifold there are 2 13mm bolts on the back of the head that hold a support bracket coming from intake manifold to the head if these are not there it has a tendenicy to rattle just like you described
Re: 16v cam chain (keinreis)

Thanks much to all the guys that respond to my question.If anybody has something else to say about this please let me know.Thanks again!
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