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16v Head Aches

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I have a Jetta GLi and I have had nothing but problems with it now the major problem is: Shoots flames out when it back fires, runs fine untill it surges and jerks around and my tach goes crazy. I have replaced hall sender and the distributer cap looks ok plugs are good along with wires. Replaced fuel relay fuel filter fuel and the F distributer is good. Could it be the fuel pump or the main Ecu because for some reason I have raw fuel dumping into my exhaust. PLEASE HELP
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Re: 16v Head Aches (Shane16v)

see if your spark plug wires are in there correct place.
Re: 16v Head Aches (euro_racer16v)

Sounds like your firing order may be goofed up, which would cause you to dump fuel into your exhaust.
Re: 16v Head Aches (RVAVR6)

thats exactly what i was thinking...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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