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Re: 16V MK1, how many hour swap? (gtibunny8v)

quote:[HR][/HR]The engine swap can be done in about 3-4 hours and add another 2 hours for wiring. What fuel system will you be using? CIS or CIS-E or CIS-E motronic[HR][/HR]​
6 hours!!!!
i would love to be witness to that. i have seen and participated in 4 16V swaps...and i couldn't even imagine how you would do it that quickly!!!
unless you aren't taking into account that he will have to strip the car of everything first, and then have to go to the store 25 times to get all the parts/clips/hoses, and whatever else is broken, that he will need. don't forget you will also spend time fighting with all the rust, stripped nuts and dirt!
if you are really experienced, and have all the right tools (including air compressor), parts, hoses, clamps, engine hoists, car hoist....etc...maybe 6 hours is possible. but if you and a friend are going to undertake it in your garage at home....it's a minimum friday night, to sunday night thing. that includes the few hours when the car won't run right, and you have to fiddle with the fueling to get it running.
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